"I had back pain for over 2 years. I didn’t think I would get rid of it and
tried everything with no relief. Then I went to San Marcos Pain Clinic and
got on a treatment plan. Within 3 months I was back to myself. Pain gone!
So happy with my results from this treatment!"

- Yvette E.

"My lower back and my right leg pain all the way down to my foot was so bad,
I had to use a cane to walk. I could no longer play my guitar at Sunday
morning services for my church. I could not do any yard work and would
struggle while I was at work. Now I am back to doing what is important to
me, church music, my job, and yard work."

- Guadalupe G.

"I learned about SMPC through my chiropractor, Ronald Peterson, who also
owns the business. Within months, I received a voucher for a discounted
consultation at SMPC for being a dedicated patient at Chisholm Trail
Chiropractic Clinic. I considered this gift of the voucher as a great
opportunity to check on parts of my health that I neglected over the years.
Upon my first visit, I immediately felt welcomed. The staff are very
genuine, helpful and straight forward in assisting their clients to
diagnose the problems regarding their pain. What I appreciate most about
SMPC is how the specialists administer love through accountability, the
efforts they go through to provide their clients with plans that work best
for them, and their genuine efforts to bond with their clients by learning
and remembering their lives through small talk. As a plus (for me) they are
not about prescribing several medications to suppress the issue, they are
about resolving the issues. Thanks to the specialists at SMPC, I can now
bend, walk and stand for long periods of time more confidently knowing my
knees won’t give out."

- Amanda C.

"Dr. Peterson has gotten me out of a lot of pain a lot of times. It's nice to have instant relief instead of having to take a bottle of pain pills and they still don't work."

- Arlene E.

"Dr. Peterson is great, has been helping me with my pain for years."

- Ken H.

"I have been seeing Dr. Peterson for many years. I have a lot of health issues and he has always put me back in the race after 3 visits. I recommend Dr. Peterson and his new facility in San Marcos!!"

-Molly C.


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